Living the Dream – But Is It Your Dream?

Every now and then a client says something to me that I really didn’t expect. A week or two ago a client told me that he was so incredibly happy to be in a co-working space and around people again. That didn’t surprise me. He is a natural extrovert and people person. What did surprise me was this: He said that he had felt guilty about not enjoying working at home alone in his PJs and “Living the Dream.”

I asked him if we could discuss that a little more. He added that most of the people he knew were part of the lifestyle business community and that he had achieved the goal of serving clients and being able to work wherever he wanted, but that he kind of hated it.

Being alone at home must have been pretty depressing for him. Now of course he got out to networking events and went on client calls and had phone calls, etc. – but the bulk of his time was spent doing his work alone wherever.

What a difference a change of location made! When we had our weekly call he was very happily settled into his new office. He was gushing about how productive he was, and that made me very happy.  Continue reading

Guest Blogger for TDS – It’s Official

In the beginning I was “mystery blogger” and then later “guest blogger” but now it’s official and I have my own profile on the TDS corporate blog. TDS is the seventh largest telecom company in the United States.

I got to know TDS when they invited me to a guest blogger event in Madison. We spent the day presenting on and talking about changes in the world of work and the rise of the digital workplace. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am very interested in working virtually, and while I deliberately built a virtual business, I also frequently worked virtually when I was an employee.

I am intimately acquainted with the joys and challenges.  Continue reading

Baby Business Bruised Knees

This post is for all of you who are not doing things that you know you should be doing for your business because of something that happened in the past. Babies learning to walk and entrepreneurs growing businesses have a lot in common. They try to stand up but they fall down – a lot. Especially in the beginning. And often there are bruised knees (and bruised egos) involved.

It occurred to me recently that sometimes you can forget that the result you got in the past might not be the result you would get if you tried the same strategy now. Let me share a personal, and rather humiliating, example.

When I was in my business for a few months, I thought that it would be a good time to launch a product. I read a lot about launches, creating compelling products, and also watched several webinars. I learned as much as I could. Then I decided that I shouldn’t do it alone, and that it would be more fun to have a partner. (Two heads are better than one, right?) So I found another coach who was very interested in developing the product with me. So far so good.  Continue reading

Evaluating Opportunities: What’s Your Lens?

We all have choices to make. How do we know if we need or want to do one thing or another? How do we objectively evaluate opportunities so that we make the right next choice – the one that we don’t second guess because we made the best decision we could at the time?

One way to do it is to find your lens. This is something that I help clients do all the time, and I am ruthless in coaching them to consistently use their lens to evaluate all opportunities.

Let me give you two examples. Continue reading