You Are Here

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your career path? We can help you to achieve the results you are looking for in your career or your business, and get you to the next level more quickly.

If you are here, you are someone who is ready to make a change. Or you may have been put in a position where you have to make a change because you were laid off. Welcome to Point A to Point B Transitions!

Whether you are looking to change jobs or grow a consulting or coaching practice, this is a place where we work together to build your clarity and confidence, so you can find focus, and move forward. Here are your options:

Whatever your feelings about your transition, you will be more successful and will get to your Point B faster if you have someone by your side to help you plot your course and navigate (hopefully avoiding some of the potholes).

If you just need a little help – or if you need to be completely re-launched – we are here to help you. Check out our new eBook – Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility.

Why do we work with both job seekers and entrepreneurs?

Based on our experience, we know you may change your mind or primary focus during your transition. You may flip between looking for a job, pitching project work, and starting a business. (Definitely over time and sometimes within one coaching session!)

I’m now taking steps towards my goal with confidence. After talking with you during our Career Envisioning session, I feel as if a switch flipped on somewhere in my brain and I’m certainly getting my mojo back. I don’t know how I can ever thank you properly for helping me come to my “ah ha” moment. ~Jacqui V., PA

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