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Have you been in extended career transition?

Are you wondering how to transition from entrepreneur to employee?

Or maybe you’ve hit the wall in your consulting business?

Welcome to Point A to Point B Transitions!


If you’re here, you are probably ready to make a change.

Or you may have been nudged to make a change due to a layoff or other life curve ball (health issue, child care issue, elder care issue, divorce, disagreement with co-founder, market change, etc.).

Stuff happens. Change is uncomfortable. We get it.

You may feel like you’re stuck in the mud and just spinning…

You may feel like whatever you try just isn’t working…

But, here’s some good news: We have been helping professionals find great opportunities, rebooting their career or their business since 2010.

We’ve re-launched hundreds of professionals – even after a year (or several years) in transition.

We will work side-by-side with you to envision and achieve your goals – as long as you’re open to new ideas and perspectives, and are willing to do the work.

Who we are

We are career transition experts and business consultants. Catherine Morgan and her strategic partners, including Matthew Fox and others, bring decades of experience in organizations ranging in size from startups to global brands.

I highly recommend Catherine as a career coach. When I was deciding what my next opportunity should be, Catherine provided the framework to help me transition more quickly and more successfully to my next position. She focused on how to move to the right opportunity for me, and helped me really analyse where I wanted to take my career. Weekly sessions were invaluable to stay focused and on track. She was a great sounding board who was able to give an objective opinion during the job search process and ask the right questions to provide clarity on any issues. Even if you are someone who had lots of experience in hiring, Catherine is great at supporting you during the process when you are on the opposite side of the table. ~ Meg Shea-Chiles (on LinkedIn)

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Who we work with

We work with driven professionals who like to make things happen. Typically, our clients are working through these types of career transitions:

  • Employee to Employee
  • Entrepreneur to Employee
  • Struggling Solo Consultant to Successful Solo Consultant

What we do

We help our clients create clarity and confidence so they can find focus and move forward.

Many clients have told us we sell calm.

You may be stuck in your own head, unable to figure out how to move forward.

Or you may not be able to see possibilities. (You might want to check out our free eBook on this.)

We, as an outside set of eyes with different experiences, can often easily see options or paths you’ve never considered.

Working with us is not simply about finding the next job or client. It’s about course correcting, breaking unhealthy cycles, overcoming negative self-talk, and getting to a situation that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Our clients get life-changing results.

In fact, we’re so confident, we work with select clients on contingency, taking all the risk.

How we help you

We bring our unique perspective and expertise to create an individually tailored strategy and action plan for each client.

There’s some art and science (and definitely a little magic) in what we do. As we work together we will:

  • Determine your right next steps in your career or business
  • Develop a strategy and plan to accomplish your goals
  • Create a project plan with tasks over a timeline for you to execute on
  • Provide accountability and support so you accomplish your goals
  • Craft your messaging so anyone can understand your value and “secret sauce”
  • Generate thought leadership so you’re seen as an expert in whatever you do

Catherine is an expert on helping people with major transitions in their life. She confidently led me through the path of moving from over 20 years of corporate life to starting out on my own. She helped me realize that I could get it done by setting up a course and following it step by step. She walks with you through the course. She is a confident and competent coach, and like all great coaches, she holds you accountable and acts as an advocate throughout the process because she has done it herself. She realizes how hard it is but also that it must be done so that you can get to where you are meant to be.

I highly recommend her services to anyone that has major change ahead of them. There is no reason to feel stuck and unable to move forward with people like Catherine around to assist. ~ Marilyn Slavin (on LinkedIn)

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