Career Transition Coaching Service of the Year 2021


My company, Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., has been named Career Transition Coaching Service of the Year as part of the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 – WOW!

I am grateful for the acknowledgement of the results we get for our amazing clients.

What a great way to start the year.

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The Entrepreneur to Employee Journey in 2021

Lots of professionals are reinventing themselves in 2021. The entrepreneur to employee transition is totally possible, but you will likely need some help.

Natasha was a fitness instructor and nutrition coach whose business was severely impacted by the pandemic. During this time, she realized that what she actually wanted was to go back to corporate – but in a different role.

We worked together to develop her resume and talking points, and to showcase her incredible star power.

She presented the best and brightest version of herself and landed her dream job at Grant Cardones’s company, Cardone Ventures.

Here’s how she tells the story.

Planning for the Pivot

It was an absolute joy to work with my beloved alma mater, Vassar College, and give a workshop for the Vassar Club of the Bay Area today.

I answered questions about transitioning from a global leading brand to a smaller tech company, and how to transition from entrepreneur to employee.

Someone asked about how to launch a course or training program, and someone else wanted suggestions for making their current job in academia more manageable.

In short, every question was a curveball, but we dove in and explored options. So fun!

I’ll be presenting with the Chicago Vassar Club in late June. I was on the board for years in the 90s and it will be great to reconnect.

Talking About Sticky Topics

I was so excited about this campaign.

We wanted to start a conversation around some potentially triggering topics – anger / power / women / female leadership.

In order to have this conversation in a less triggering way, I created a persona named “Amanda” and this video about her life and what was happening.

It lit up LinkedIn for almost a week, started conversations, and got in front of our ideal audience.

In short, it was a smashing success.

Check out the comments and engagement.

Sometimes it’s better not to bust through the front door.

Sometimes it’s better to take the side door in.