About Catherine Morgan

The obligatory formal bio

As a career transition expert and business consultant to consultants, I help people get from Point A to Point B in their career, business, or life. I have been coaching clients and colleagues through job and life transitions for more than 20 years, and speak on topics related to career transition, productivity, and small business / entrepreneurship.

My company, Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., is a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals out of professional services, financial services, or technology who are in job transition or are looking to establish or grow their own successful services businesses such as consulting or coaching practices.

I have been employed by KPMG, Arthur Andersen, and Deloitte. Through my own consulting company, I was a project employee for Protiviti, Navigant Consulting, and Resources Global. I graduated from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

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But wait – there’s more

  • I am the editor-in-chief for CarolRoth.com | Business Unplugged ™.  Carol Roth is a CNBC on-air contributor, recovering investment banker, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Equation.
  • I have free teleclass recordings on various topics on SoundCloud here.
  • I am a huge foodie and live to cook and dine. I also love travel, world music, art, and I used to dance tango. You can watch a video of my last tango class in Buenos Aires.

(Note: this is all improvised and I have no idea what my teacher is going to do.)

What I do best

I help people to create clarity and confidence. They may be in a place where they are unhappy in their career or life – but frequently people find me after being laid off. They come to me in a state of confusion or chaos and, more often than not, can only describe their current state as, “My life sucks.”

As we work together, they realize that their life doesn’t completely suck: Certain parts are out of alignment or not where they want them to be. So we decide on some “quick hits” to build confidence, and accountability and momentum.

After they have made some progress and have regained focus and perspective, they can decide if a new job in corporate is right for them at this time – or if starting a business is the right decision.

Once they have made the decision on how they want to proceed, I coach and support them through their job search or business launch (re-launch). I have a deep background in both job transition tactics and business strategy development.