Job Search VIP Coaching

img_00000062Professionals in career transition – especially after an extended time in transition – get worn down. They lose confidence and focus. They may even start to feel unemployable.

Going through a layoff is tough! And looking for a job sucks.

I was laid off three times in four years, so I know exactly how it feels.

During that time, I learned a lot about how to re-launch yourself. In addition, I have been working with professionals in transition for 20 years.

For the past six years, I have been working with professionals in transition full time through my company, Point A to Point B Transitions. I have been able to get my clients back to work even after 18 months – or three years – in transition.

I am your risk-free path for getting back to work.

I’ve known Catherine Morgan for a number of years and when I decided to undertake a major career change, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate person then Catherine to help me map it out. Catherine helped me look at my current job to assess the future potential there, focus my longer-term career goals and evaluate those offers I had on the table. I believe that her prior experience in the consulting world allows her to have a critical eye to those directional details I may have missed, as I was emotionally tied up in the process. Having a trusted resource by my side, who can provide me with ideas, be a sounding board and guide me through that critical process was invaluable. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking for aid in their career or life direction.
~ Scott R., MA

I will work with you side-by-side through your entire job-search process. We’ll develop your specific job-search strategy. I will help you with evaluating the fit from a job description, writing cover letters and thank-you notes, positioning yourself, and determining timing for following up.

We’ll even do career envisioning if you don’t know what you want to do next, and interview question coaching so that you can ace your interviews.

Who do I work with? Primarily senior professionals out of financial services, professional services, or technology. But there have been lots of exceptions – a food scientist, home appliance showroom manager, art director, creative director, adjunct professor, etc.

The real issue is that you have to be coachable and open to seeing possibility. You need to be willing to try new things and see past your own blinders.

Catherine is an excellent transition and entrepreneur coach. She listens, understands, and assisted with transitioning my career. She also built my self-confidence, self-esteem and improved my attitude. I would recommend Catherine to people that are in a career transition and need coaching.
~ Victoria P., IL

You’ve tried doing it on your own and just haven’t gotten the results you’ve wanted.

You can benefit from everything I have learned over the last 20 years – and I take all the risk!

I work on contingency with my job-search clients because I understand that finances can be tight. You pay me a small monthly retainer ($100 per month), and when I help you get a great job offer, you pay me 5% of your first year’s gross salary as a bonus.

If I don’t help you get a great job, you don’t write me a big check. I am that confident that I can help you to achieve the results you want. (But I am not a headhunter, so you’ll have to do some hard work, too.)

I am completely aligned with YOUR goals.

So, you could continue what you’re doing. Maybe you’ll get some results. But why would you want to go through job search alone when you don’t have to?

Would you like to work with someone who has successfully helped professionals get back to work quickly (on average, in less than four months)?

Someone who understands your urgency and can keep you on track and focused on the right things?

Let’s schedule a time to talk to see if this is right for you. I can learn more about you and your goals, and you can learn more about my coaching.

This kind of work is all about connection and chemistry. If we’re a fit, we’ll know it almost immediately. You can book a time to talk to me by using this link.

The goal is to provide the on-call support you need from start to finish.

I found Catherine when I needed her services. I am a former entrepreneur going through business and personal changes. I hired Catherine to be a life coach and a resume consultant. Through the process of connecting with her I have re-evaluated my strengths and assets of what I bring into a business relationship. I have targeted a new career direction for myself and with Catherine’s guidance and support, she is making sure I am making the right long-term decisions.
~ Samantha B., IL

What do you get?

Includes job search strategy development, mapping tasks over a timeline, and accountability. Being in career transition is an emotional roller coaster and you will be more successful and productive if you have someone working side-by-side with you.

Included are weekly 30-minute phone sessions and frequent e-mail check-ins. Assistance with cover letters, thank-you notes, and timing for follow-up is also included.


  • Monthly recurring payment of $100 set up via PayPal.
  • Once you have started your new job, a bonus of five percent (5%) based on first year gross salary will be due. (Payments can be scheduled out over up to six months.)

We take all the risk. That’s how confident we are. 

How can we help you?
You can book a complimentary 1-on-1 Career Strategy Session via this link.