Career Envisioning Session

New DayIn a Career Envisioning Session we will explore how your current interests and skills could transfer to other positions or industries.

We also will look at where you are currently with your personal and professional relationships, needs and desires, and future obligations in order to develop realistic options.

This technique works incredibly well if you are willing to think outside the box and without judgment about what is or is not possible.

I’m now taking steps towards my goal with confidence. After talking with you during our Career Envisioning session, I feel as if a switch flipped on somewhere in my brain and I’m certainly getting my mojo back. I don’t know how I can ever thank you properly for helping me come to my “ah ha” moment. ~Jacqui V., PA

Clients report amazing breakthroughs as a result of these sessions. We look at all issues from a 360-degree perspective and come up with several options for next steps.

  • Brainstorm about your past experiences, current interests, and market trends to come up with options for your Point B.
  • Use creative thinking to envision a career path that better reflects your life plan, interests, values, and current situation.
  • Feel like you are starting down your true path.

I had a Career Envisioning session with Catherine about a year ago. The conversation we had was a turning point in my career and helped shape the course of events that has led me to the point I am now. I can’t say enough about how happy I am that I took the step to talk with Catherine at such a pivotal moment. It was clear to me almost immediately that Catherine is among the best at what she does. She’s an unusually attentive listener and able to interpret situations from 360 degrees–offering helpful and unexpected insight. My experience with Catherine exceeded my expectations in every way; by far a great resource for anyone looking to gain clarity and momentum during transition!
~ Katie B., world traveler

What do you get?

One 75-minute session via phone. Price: $497