Job Search Services

Resume Development

We help you develop a resume that showcases your experience and credentials to prospective employers. We will create a resume that has both written and visual impact.

  • Get your resume noticed and make it past initial screenings.
  • Feel more confident about presenting your resume to potential employers.
  • Know that you are a rock star who can add value to any organization.
  • Have an easier and more productive job search because you enjoy sending your resume out.


I had the pleasure of having Catherine help me update my resume and LinkedIn profile. I have already seen positive results from her work as I am getting responses from my prospects. I would highly recommend Catherine for any life/job transition work that you may have in queue.
~ Ryan M., IL

Catherine was an invaluable resource during my job search. She was able to help me focus and tailored my resume toward the positions that would leverage my past experience. Catherine was able to calm me down and get me focused on the task at hand.
~ Holly S., NY



March 7, 2013 - The Noon Show with Carol Roth. 20-minute interview and answering questions from callers about interviewing in You have the job interview…now what?

January 28, 2013 - The Noon Show with Carol Roth. 10-minute segment Thriving when you’re unemployed.


Re-Launch You

We will work together to come up with a job search strategy that makes sense for you. We will plot tasks and activities over a timeline, support you, and hold you accountable.

  • Stay motivated to make phone calls, send out resumes, and apply to positions.
  • Feel supported through the ups and downs of the job search process because you will be checking in with a coach on a regular basis.
  • Have an expert to help you create and evaluate your job search strategy, and review cover letters and thank-you notes.
  • Understand how LinkedIn and social media have changed the way people look for jobs, and learn how to leverage these tools to find your next position.

I’ve known Catherine Morgan for a number of years and when I decided to undertake a major career change, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate person then Catherine to help me map it out. Catherine helped me look at my current job to assess the future potential there, focus my longer-term career goals and evaluate those offers I had on the table. I believe that her prior experience in the consulting world allows her to have a critical eye to those directional details I may have missed, as I was emotionally tied up in the process. Having a trusted resource by my side, who can provide me with ideas, be a sounding board and guide me through that critical process was invaluable. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking for aid in their career or life direction.
~ Scott R., MA

Catherine is an excellent transition and entrepreneur coach. She listens, understands, and assisted with transitioning my career. She also built my self-confidence, self-esteem and improved my attitude. I would recommend Catherine to people that are in a career transition and need coaching.
~ Victoria P., IL

I found Catherine when I needed her services. I am a former entrepreneur going through business and personal changes. I hired Catherine to be a life coach and a resume consultant. Through the process of connecting with her I have re-evaluated my strengths and assets of what I bring into a business relationship. I have targeted a new career direction for myself and with Catherine’s guidance and support, she is making sure I am making the right long-term decisions.
~ Samantha B., IL

Interview Question Coaching

We work with you one-on-one in an intensive 60-minute session to craft answers to the most common interview questions OR prepare for a specific interview by matching past experiences and accomplishments to the job description for a desired position.

  • Feel poised and relaxed during interviews. Leave feeling like you “aced” the interview.
  • Answer the standard interview questions that you know you are going to be asked confidently and concisely.
  • Tell stories about your experience that demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the job.
  • Know that you made a good first impression

Career Envisioning

We will explore how your current interests and skills could transfer to other positions or industries. This works incredibly well if you are willing to think outside the box and without judgment about what is or is not possible. Clients report incredible breakthroughs as a result of these sessions. We look at all issues from a 360 degree perspective and come up with several options for next steps.

  • Brainstorm about your past experiences, current interests, and market trends to come up with options for your Point B.
  • Use creative thinking to envision a career path that better reflects your life plan, interests, and values.
  • Feel like you are starting down your true path.

I had a Career Envisioning session with Catherine about a year ago. The conversation we had was a turning point in my career and helped shape the course of events that has led me to the point I am now. I can’t say enough about how happy I am that I took the step to talk with Catherine at such a pivotal moment. It was clear to me almost immediately that Catherine is among the best at what she does. She’s an unusually attentive listener and able to interpret situations from 360 degrees–offering helpful and unexpected insight. My experience with Catherine exceeded my expectations in every way; by far a great resource for anyone looking to gain clarity and momentum during transition!
~ Katie B., world traveler