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Are you between a rock and a hard place? Stuck trying to write an important document for your business? Do you need help translating your ideas into compelling copy and content?

Catherine Morgan is knowledgeable, savvy and an absolute joy to work with. Her business insights, writing and consulting skills are exemplary and hold a benefit to any LLC (or for personal needs).
~ Jennifer Kelton, Founder, CEO & Lead Stylist Dressforthedate.com & Founder & CEO Badonlinedates.com LLC

Although we are primarily a coaching and business consulting company, we do offer professional business writing services, including:

Catherine was a great help in asking all the right questions in order to help me articulate my vision within my business plan.  A true professional, she quickly and proficiently generated a stellar product that I was incredibly pleased with.
~ D. Scott Eads

Prior to founding Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., Catherine Morgan was part of the Sales, Marketing & Business Development group at Deloitte. Before joining Deloitte, she ran her own marketing consulting firm for almost five years. Catherine is an experienced writer who can provide advice on strategy and messaging, in addition to executing on your idea.

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