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As an entrepreneur, you are your business. It isn’t possible to separate the solopreneur as a person from the business so we coach both the person and the business.

I have been needing your services for my company for three years and now that I have found you, I’m not letting you go. ~ Michael S., IL

Business Strategy Consulting / Accountability - Secret Sauce Sessions

Catherine Morgan is a former Big Four consultant who has done strategy, methodology and training, and business process creation with and for the major and mid-tier consultancies, as well corporations and small businesses. She will work side-by-side with you to create and execute the right strategies for your business.

  • Set the vision and the goals for your business so you know what you are trying to build and why.
  • Concentrate on the important activities that will build your business and enable you to make the money that you want to make.
  • Have the support you need during the rough times and someone to help you celebrate the victories.
  • Benefit from the strategies that bigger companies use.

As someone who spent over 10 years in a corporate environment, I was not as prepared as I thought was for life as a solo-entrepreneur and faced several challenges in growing my business. By using Catherine’s knowledge and skills, I was able to set a new, re-invigorated course for my business that has proven successful. Not only was she was instrumental in helping me craft a concise and compelling value proposition, a killer CV, and strategic business plan, she also helped me look at new ways of getting new business and creating new efficiencies in managing current clients. As I result of her guidance and support, I have found that my business has been growing and thriving. Therefore, if you are facing any of these challenges, I would not hesitate to recommend you use Catherine’s services.
~ Marla S., CA

I wanted to re-launch my business and was having a difficult time focusing my time and energy. Hiring Catherine as my coach was the key to getting me motivated. She helped me see that I needed to treat my idea like a successful business venture. My biggest struggle was sorting through all my ideas and getting clarity on my business and my services. Catherine and I worked together to prioritize my ideas and determine the tasks to make them a reality. Now I am on my way with an active blog, workshops, school and summer programs and my first eBook in progress. Catherine was instrumental in my re-launch and I look forward to working with her as my coach on the next phases of my business.
~ Gigi C., NJ

Brand Aid Session

Do prospects understand what you do and your value? Is your “look and feel” consistent? What about your messaging? We will review your logo, visual image, tagline, and messaging. This brainstorming strategy session will give you specific action items you can implement immediately.

  • Create clear messaging so prospects will know what you do and if it is right for them.
  • Communicate clearly what you do and the benefits clients get from working with you
  • Have an easier time selling and booking business.
  • Love your business and the way it looks.


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