Interviewed on the Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show

Wealthy Wednesday Radio ShowI had a great time yesterday being interviewed by host Luci McMonagle on the Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show. This was my first hour-long interview – so we covered a lot of great stuff.

How do you stay out of overwhelm? How can you avoid burnout? How do you figure out what to do first? How do you prioritize your to-do list? Why do you need accountability? What’s the process for making things happen. Why should we delete the word crazy-busy from our vocabulary – and much more!

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Why You Should Say Yes to Adventure

Road TripOne year ago today, I crossed something off of my bucket list. I have always wanted to drive west across the country, and when a friend announced that he was moving to Sonoma County, I immediately offered to drive with him. Surprisingly, he immediately took me up on my offer.

Two fools on April Fools’ Day 2014 loaded my stuff into his green minivan and headed west. No GPS needed for this trip, although we had a road atlas. It’s one road out of Chicago all the way to California.

My friend was not in a mood to make the trip slowly. All his worldly possessions were in the van too – so we were going to do it in three days no matter what.

I was prepared for lovely scenery, but I was not prepared for the lasting effect that scenery had on me. Even though we were zooming down the highway at 65+ mph, my trusty BlackBerry enabled me to take some gorgeous photographs, especially as we were leaving Salt Lake City in the morning. Continue reading

Interviewed on School for Startups Radio

School for Startups RadioThis is the best interview I have done to date. Jim Beach, bestselling author and founder of School for Startups Radio, asked great questions. He is the first interviewer to ever walk me through my my signature system of how I work with clients, the PALMS™ Framework.

We talked about growing a small business, career transition, productivity, and lots of other things. Please note: he doesn’t prep guests so I had no idea what was coming.

There are great takeaways in this interview.  You can listen to it here March 31, 2015 – Transitioning w Catherine Morgan.

From – Guest Blogging: The Right Way to Pitch a Blog Editor

solo workingHaving been the editor of Carol Roth’s blog, Business Unplugged, for almost four years, it seemed like a good time to share the right way – and wrong way – to pitch a blog editor.

If you are thinking about using guest blogging as a promotion strategy for your business, you might want to take a look at Guest Blogging: The Right Way to Pitch a Blog Editor.

Nominated for 2015 RuleBreaker Award

RBA Nominee 2015Those of you who know me will not find this at all surprising: Sometimes I don’t follow the rules.

Like many of you, I realize that some rules are necessary, and some rules need to be broken.

I was thrilled to be nominated for a 2015 RuleBreaker award. The rule that I am breaking is that I think mid-life career transitions can be amazing, and that there are possibilities for everyone.

In fact, I wrote an eBook about it titled Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility. Continue reading

From – How to Make Money Even If You Suck

Sometimes I am so grateful to have Carol Roth’s blog as a forum for my writing. While I am frequently described as “appropriately irreverent,” as a coach I try to bring a kinder, gentler vibe to this blog. (So I don’t scare prospective clients away!)

But even coaches have to rant sometimes – and this is a good one. Unfortunately, it’s also great advice and true. I hope you don’t provide products or services that suck, but if you do, here’s how you can still make money: How to Make Money Even If You Suck

Speaking at the Engaging Speakers Meeting January 21

It’s TONIGHT – can I get an “opaa!”? I’ll be talking about personal branding and how cranking up the volume of YOU can be the best thing for your business and speaking. Join me at the Engaging Speakers downtown meeting at the Parthenon in Chicago’s Greektown neighborhood. Saganaki will be served!

Check out “Engaging Speakers Chicago January 2015″ 

From – Productivity 101: Your Friend the Calendar

Yes, I am jumping on the new year, new habits bandwagon. This is actually an old habit for me, and one that I recommend to friends, family, and clients whenever they say they are not getting stuff done.

This does work – and it works for pretty much everybody who uses it consistently. Combined with the BIS (butt in seat) technique, you will achieve your personal and professional goals.

Continue reading