WGN Radio: The Noon Show with Carol Roth – Interviewing

I have to tell you, I could get used to this “expert” status thing. So fun to join my friend Carol Roth on The Noon Show on Chicago’s WGN radio today.

Carol and I talked about interviewing best practices and answered some tough questions from callers, including how to respond to the weakness question and how to position yourself if you were fired from your previous job. No softballs here!

Please enjoy You have the job interview…now what?

From TDS blog: How to manage effective virtual teams

Whether you work with people in the same city or around the world, chances are that you are part of – or manage – virtual teams. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and employees all will have instances where they work with people who are not physically in an office or building with them.

Virtual teams can be highly productive and effective if managed correctly. In this post for the TDS business blog, I share some tips from my experience and interview my client, Michael Sanders, of Legacy Solutions to get another perspective.

I think you will find the information in How to manage effective virtual teams timely and useful.

Best Year Ever! Teleclass (two sessions)

Best Year Ever!
How to SET and ACHIEVE the Goals You Really Want in the New Year

Ready to make some BIG changes?  Not sure where to start? We did this series in 2011 and got a lot of great feedback – so we decided to bring it back again this year.

Join Career Transition Coach and Business Consultant Catherine Morgan for this F*REE, two-session teleclass and discover the keys to setting and achieving the goals you really want in 2013.

Thanks Catherine!  The teleclass was both enlightening and interesting last night – I’ve never really experienced / been exposed to goal setting like that before. ~ W.T. Chicago, IL

Why a Teleclass?

Because it is interactive, informative and fun.  A teleclass is just like attending  a workshop, but instead of driving, parking and making sure your hair is combed, all you need are two free hours and a phone!  This teleclass meets for two consecutive weeks, one hour each week.  See below for dates and times.  Continue reading

From CarolRoth.com – Didn’t Get the Gig? Maybe It’s ‘Cause Ur Illiterate

My latest post on CarolRoth.com | Business Unplugged™ really struck a nerve. Lots of great comments on this one! Probably the most I have had on a post.

I am not generally one to rant online but in this case I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

This issue applies to both my entrepreneur and job search clients. Like you, I am finding it harder and harder to see mistakes myself (as there are so many around us all day long), but that is no reason not to be diligent and try not to make them.

So I present to you: Didn’t Get the Gig? Maybe It’s ‘Cause Ur Illiterate. Enjoy.

From The Life Uncommon – Generation Gap? Sometimes, Not So Much

Today I had a guest post published on Nacie Carson’s blog, The Life Uncommon. The title of my post is: Generation Gap? Sometimes, Not So Much.  I talk about the similarities I am finding between career issues faced by professionals at all experience levels, and also the motivation to do work that matters (whatever that might be).

Nacie wrote a tremendous book, The Finch Effect: The Five Strategies to Adapt and Thrive in Your Working Life, a book I highly recommend for anyone in career transition of any age. In fact, I have started to raffle it off at all my speaking engagements related to job search.

Evaluating Opportunities: What’s Your Lens?

We all have choices to make. How do we know if we need or want to do one thing or another? How do we objectively evaluate opportunities so that we make the right next choice – the one that we don’t second guess because we made the best decision we could at the time?

One way to do it is to find your lens. This is something that I help clients do all the time, and I am ruthless in coaching them to consistently use their lens to evaluate all opportunities.

Let me give you two examples. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning the Clutter in Your Head

Spring comes and everything starts to look different. You may find that you get a burst of energy to throw out the old and bring in the new as you cheerfully pack away your sweaters in anticipation of warmer weather.

You may find yourself de-cluttering your closets – but have you thought about clearing out the clutter in your head?

What’s lurking in the mothballs?

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk with yourself and assessed (kindly) where you were in your career and if your current work is working for you? Are there lots of old notions about who you are and what you should be doing that are hiding in the old chest with the mothballs? Time to shake those suckers out and expose them to some sunshine! Continue reading