Boundaries: Why You Need Them in Your Business

When you’re starting and growing a business, boundaries can become fluid or nonexistent.* I was talking with a former entrepreneur who recently took a corporate job, and she commented that one of the things she likes is there is now an end to the day for her.

This got me thinking about some of the boundaries I need to firm up between me the person and me the business owner. Here are some lines in the sand you may need to draw:

1. How much time you invest in your business

This is a brutal one for entrepreneurs, especially if you work from home. The workday can easily bleed into the working evening, and even into the late-night obsession.

I like to break up my day with a midday walk or short outing. I feel I return clearer and more focused.

However, I would be better off if I set a cutoff time for working hours and incorporated some ritual or reminder for the end of the working day, helping me transition to my personal time.

* This post was published originally on | Business Unplugged and you can read the rest of the post here