From – Productivity 101: Your Friend the Calendar

Yes, I am jumping on the new year, new habits bandwagon. This is actually an old habit for me, and one that I recommend to friends, family, and clients whenever they say they are not getting stuff done.

This does work – and it works for pretty much everybody who uses it consistently. Combined with the BIS (butt in seat) technique, you will achieve your personal and professional goals.

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2014: Year in Review

This was one of the longest years I have ever experienced. I can’t believe that it was just April when I drove west from Chicago to Sonoma County. Seems like a million years ago. This year sure has had its share of wild rides, although that particular one was quite fun and very scenic.

I feel compelled to share some of the highlights and challenges of the last year. I spoke 20 times in 2014 if you count podcasts with the speaking gigs. Not bad! Continue reading

Video Interview with Brian R. King Intl

I had a great time chatting with Brian R. King on the benefits of clarity – and why it might be the most important predictor of success. Listen and find out why I think so.

I am a huge fan of Brian’s show. It’s my must-watch podcast these days. You might want to catch up on some of his past episodes. He is super smart and the way he talks about effective communication is fascinating. Continue reading

Why a Major Success Made Me Want to Stop Career Coaching

This is something that happened in March. March 13 to be exact. My birthday. I found myself telling this story to Carol Roth yesterday. I am still raw, and realized I had to write about it.

I had been working with a woman for about six weeks. She had been out of work for a year and came into my practice completely freaked out and worn out from an extended job search.

She had been using a scatter-shot approach in her job search because she was in sales, and she felt she could sell anything. She had switched industries in the past and had always been successful. I got it. But her approach wasn’t working.  Continue reading

From – Training and Practice Improve Your Speaking

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Michael Port and his speaking.* Michael is a former actor and also has an MFA from NYU. AND he gets $25K for his talks. (Yes, that got my attention too.)

I jumped at the opportunity to attend his first speaker training event in New York. I learned even more from his live training event with Amy Mead on CreativeLive.

I have spoken 19 times so far this year. That has really given me confidence in my speaking, but Michael’s techniques have made me a significantly better speaker. I share some of my favorite tips in How Training and Practice Can Improve Your Speaking.

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From – Anatomy of a Proposal

I think this might be the most useful thing I have ever written. I have seen clients freak out, melt down, and shut down when they have to write proposals. It is a HUGE block for so many professionals, but a necessary part of doing business.

In this post I share a simple framework that will take all the fear and doubt out of submitting proposals. (All except pricing. You’ll need to figure that out for yourself.)

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