From – Small Business Lessons from Karaoke

singing karaoke Business lessons can be found in the strangest places. I spoke 20 times last year, but singing karaoke makes me anxious.

And I like to sing! There are recordings of me singing on YouTube. So I really WANT to like singing karaoke…

You can read about my recent experience “Small Business Lessons from Karaoke” here. I begin: Continue reading

Speaking at Career Resource Center on September 9, 2015

CRClogoI will be giving my “Productivity: The Secret Sauce for Job Search” talk at the Career Resource Center in Lake Forest, IL on September 9. If you know anyone in job search or career transition, please share this with them.

This is a talk about tactics and strategies. (I always get excellent evaluations.) We will have a great time – and even learn some stuff in the process.

The talk begins at 1:30 PM sharp. I am guaranteed to be optimally caffeinated and appropriately irreverent. It’s how I roll.

California Dreaming – Summer 2015

Pomegranate TreeEverybody has their safe place – the place they go to in their head sometimes.

When they think of that place, they start to feel relaxed, or happy, or hopeful.

I have a friend who imagines herself on Main Street at Disney World.

For me, I could be on the beach looking at Lake Michigan in Chicago, but very often I am imagining myself in California. There is something about the stark, craggy dry mountains of Southern California that does it for me.

I like to spend time in Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Being able to pick fruit off a tree in the middle of a city amuses me. On this trip I have been able to pick pomegranates and figs. Heaven!

I couldn’t help myself. I had to pick it. I am off to peel my purloined pomegranate.


Pictures from SCORE Learn To Soar Event

Carol Roth and Catherine Morgan

Carol Roth and Catherine Morgan

Every time I get to an event like this, I remember why I need to get out from behind the curtain and attend more face-to-face events.

This particular event was a lot of fun because my colleague Carol Roth was the emcee. As you may know, I am the editor for Carol’s blog, but she travels a lot and we only get to connect in person a few times a year.


They suggested we take a selfie, so I did :)

Following the instructions

Following the instructions

I was on the social media marketing strategies panel with some super-smart professionals:

We did the panel three times so all attendees could participate. The format worked very well. As you can see, we had a great time.

SCORE social media panel

Rhonda Henderson, Mark E. Goodman, Catherine Morgan, Daliah Saper

Interviewed on the Over The Middle Show

Over The MiddleHost Anthony Quinones interviewed me for his Over The Middle Show podcast. We discussed career transition and business ownership for Boomers and Gen X professionals. This was a really fun interview for me. We talked about re-launching yourself, my PALMS Framework, managing depression – and so much more.

Click here to listen on the site.

Or iTunes Link

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PS – Despite my initial concerns, we did not discuss my middle-aged middle at all :)

TEDx Talk Unofficial Video

CATx signIn our immediate-gratification world, it was unnerving to hear that the official video for my TEDx Heartland Community College talk would take 4-5 weeks to be posted on here – arrrrrrggghhhhhh!

Thankfully, I was rescued by my friend Ann Higgens and her trusty iPad. Here’s the unofficial version if you want to take a look at my 18 minutes of fame.

Shout-out thanks to my bonus dad, Ted Ressler of Ted Ressler Graphics, who thought I should keep calm and have proper signage. That totally made my day :) Continue reading

From – TED Talks and the Way We Present

stopwatchI wrote a post for Business Unplugged about why I think that TED talks will have a positive impact on the way we present. It is my hope that they will inspire people to bring their “A game” to any presentation, training, or workshop.

The short-form 18-minute format is brutal, but extremely valuable, in that it makes you distill your idea down to the most important essences.

The goals are to make an impact and create an emotional response, which seems a whole lot better than “meh” to me.

You can read “TED Talks and the Way We Present” here.


From – Please Don’t Ask to Pick My Brain

Cafe workingBesides being kind of a nasty image, asking to pick someone’s brain (most of the time) is not very nice. Why? Unless you have an existing relationship where there has been some give and take, it is disrespectful to the other person’s knowledge and experience – especially if they make a living getting paid for that knowledge!

My latest on Business Unplugged is one of my snarkiest and best posts. If you are a consultant or other brain-renter, you need to read Please Don’t Ask to Pick My Brain.

I give you specific guidance around when you should give it away, when you should make them pay for it, and how to avoid the dreaded coffee date. I begin:

The working title of this post was “Be a Consulting Pro, Not a Consulting Ho.” I can argue that consulting might have come before what is generally considered to be the world’s oldest profession. And we are renting our bodies, too – our brains.

Yes, fellow brain-renters, people pay us for our knowledge and expertise. It’s an intangible, but often quite valuable. They pay us for the things we have learned over the years. They pay us so that they can save time, save money, save aggravation, etc.

You can read the rest of the post here.