Why Gratitude Is More Important Than Ever

View from my balcony in Ojai, California

View from my balcony in Ojai, California

What a wild few weeks! As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, I realized that I should share some things I have learned about gratitude.

I’m sure that you’ve read about how easy and helpful a gratitude practice can be, but what you might not know is the incredible power it can have. Continue reading

How I Am Choosing to Get Past the Election

dark-before-dawnYesterday, on election day in the United States, I traveled across the country from Sarasota, Florida to Ojai, California. Sea to shining sea (almost). What a beautiful country I live in.

I woke up at 4:00 AM because I was still on Eastern time. I saw the election results. First, I was stunned. Then I went into shock.

I’m not usually one to talk about politics, but in this case I need to make an exception. It won’t cost me any clients because if you voted for him, you won’t be drawn to me or my teachings.

This November I am making a huge investment (for me) in my skills and my business. Last week I attended Michael and Amy Port’s Heroic Public Speaking Live event in Ft. Lauderdale. Now, I am in Ojai about to work with Max Simon of Big Vision Business on how to scale my business in a big way.

I am spending thousands of dollars on this. I found myself thinking that I would not have made that investment knowing what I know today. I feel that we are truly on the brink.

I can’t feel this way and do the type of work I do. Often, I have to help people out of the black pit of despair so that they can create clarity and confidence, find focus, and move forward. (That’s been my tag line for years.)

Therefore, I can’t be in the black pit of despair myself.

So, I started doing what I would do after any life disaster. I started looking for the lessons. And I started looking for a silver lining. Continue reading

In Praise of “Pearl Jobs” or the Value of Extreme Irritation

out of the fireOften the work experiences that are the most frustrating and irritating yield the most value over the long term.

While you’re in the thick of it, you may not be able to think about anything except your extreme aggravation, but I would like to suggest that you adopt a different perspective.

My second job was a pearl job. I was the assistant to the managing partner of a technical analysis software boutique. We originally had a DOS-based product, and later one of the first Windows-based charting software products for traders, hedge funds, and money managers.

This was bleeding-edge technology at the time, believe it or not. (And yes, I am that old.)

This job stretched me in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. I went from not being able to type at all (I paid a friend to type my college papers) and having never interacted with a PC to installing software, troubleshooting problems on the phone and at client sites, preparing for annual audits – and SO much more. Continue reading

Talking About Transitions: Re-Launch You

bridge and carsWe re-launch lots of professionals here at Point A to Point B Transitions. And sometimes we need to re-launch ourselves.

I have been missing my radio show, so we’re back. Here’s the new episode on BlogTalkRadio. You also can listen to it below.

Going forward, we’ll do some solo shows – but also lots of interviews with interesting professionals. You won’t believe the great information and advice people share. Check out some past episodes.

On the show, we’ll be talking about the new world of work, job portfolios, growing a consulting business, interviewing, having an easier transition – and so much more.

Television Interview on Nctv17 with Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan on TVI was so excited to have my Television debut in July on the Career Center show. Kimberly White of the Community Career Center in Naperville interviewed me.

We talked about Liftoff After Layoff, and dove into the stages of grief and how they relate to job loss.

It’s so cool to walk onto a TV set – the cameras and teleprompter and lights. We had a great time.

You can watch the 13-minute segment below. I’m up first.

From CarolRoth.com – Good Boundaries Make Good Clients

boundariesSometimes I really love having Carol Roth’s blog (and bigger platform) to publish a good old-fashioned rant.

Normally, I am a very patient person. It takes a lot of effort to push my buttons – but once you do, that’s it.

If you’re a consultant or coach, you need to read this post. You can check out Good Boundaries Make Good Clients here. Continue reading

How a Viral Video Restored My Faith In Humanity

star-wars-chewbacca-maskI know I’m not the only one searching for some bright spot in the middle of this politically charged time. I’m not the only one who has questioned my relationship to others of my species. But this video, and the resulting videos, have brought sheer joy and laughter to me and to the interwebs – at a time when we truly needed it.

There are more than 142 million views (over 3 million shares) of the first video captured on Facebook Live as I write this. That is bananas!

Candace Payne, the “Chewbacca Mom,” exploded onto the scene with a hilarious amateur video in her car from the Kohl’s parking lot. Who would have expected it to go viral?

Now here’s the thing: You can’t plan to make a viral video. (If you could, we’d all be doing it!) But what you can do is be real, authentic, and tap into emotion, which is exactly what happened here. She wanted her friends and family to know that it was HER mask. Continue reading

New eBook with Microsoft and Carol Roth

80WaysEBookI am incredibly excited to share my latest project with Microsoft and Carol Roth, “80 Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Small Business Growth.

Working with a global brand who is committed to the small business space through Microsoft Community Connections was a real honor.

There are some great tips in here! We curated the best ideas from small business experts and support organizations across the country. (You can download it for free.)