Please VOTE for Me – Rule Breaker Award 2015

RBA Nominee 2015This won’t shock any of you who know me well: I am a rule breaker. Always have been – and that doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon.

I made it to the finals for the Rule Breaker Awards – but I need YOUR help. Please take a few seconds to vote for me. I would be very grateful. You can vote for me here.

What’s a Rule Breaker Award?

The Rule Breaker Awards will honor and celebrate those entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their way. Some have created whole new industries; others have revolutionized industries that have existed for hundreds of years.

We’re here to salute those who never shirk from obstacles, don’t fear the unknown and persist – despite the odds.

I would really love to win one and go to the awards ceremony in New Orleans. You can help me do that! Please vote here now.

From The Boomer Business Owner – Never Too Old to Start a Business

baby_boomer_laptop_autumn-320x180Contrary to popular wisdom, older small business owners can have a better chance for success. I had fun expanding on this topic in a guest post for The Boomer Business Owner blog. I begin:

“As the Jethro Tull anthem says, ‘You’re never too old to rock ‘n’ roll if you’re too young to die.’

As a Boomer, I find myself thinking about this from time to time. Don’t you?

I work with professionals who range in age from 45-65. Many of them feel that they are ready to really make a big push in their careers or grow a business.

These professionals have life experiences, skills, and judgment. They also may now finally have the time to start a business.”

Read the rest of You’re Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll or Start a Business here.

(Spoiler alert: the statistics will surprise you!)

Speaking at TEDx Heartland Community College May 30, 2015

TEDx Heartland Community CollegeThis is B I G news. I will be giving my first TEDx talk on May 30, 2015. I am thrilled and honored to join the elite group of TEDx speakers.

The overall conference theme is “Sustainability.” I will be talking about the importance of sustaining your personal energy to fuel your professional success.

The event will be held at Heartland Community College in Normal, IL. More information and tickets are available here. 

Here is how the organizers described it:

Sustainability – how do we Sustain the Ability to do what we do? Is the way we do things able to continue? The core notion of Sustainability goes beyond the Environment, encompassing the Personal, Economic, Technological, Health, Social, and Cultural realms of life.
~ TEDxHeartlandCommunityCollege

More information and tickets are available here.

From – Making the Most of Media Mentions

fansMy latest on Carol Roth’s blog is something that Carol and I have spoken about at length. It may seem surprising, but the big benefits from a media mention or interview do not come from the event – they come from the back-end promotion that YOU do of that mention or interview.

We all hope for the “Oprah Effect” – that people will be calling or knocking on our door begging to buy our stuff.

In general, you actually have to make that happen. Here’s how. Got a Media Mention? Now Do the Important Things.

From LinkedIn Pulse: The 3 R’s of Employability

sparkI don’t write a lot about career transition here, although I probably should. I have been posting my best information on LinkedIn Pulse. Why? More people see it and comment on it, and my ideal prospects are looking for that kind of help on LinkedIn.

That said, this post is worth publishing both places. It contains some of my best ideas for successfully navigating our fluid world of work.

No doubt, the world of work has changed. Here’s how you can make this change work for you. Below is the full post:  Continue reading

Interviewed on the Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show

Wealthy Wednesday Radio ShowI had a great time yesterday being interviewed by host Luci McMonagle on the Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show. This was my first hour-long interview – so we covered a lot of great stuff.

How do you stay out of overwhelm? How can you avoid burnout? How do you figure out what to do first? How do you prioritize your to-do list? Why do you need accountability? What’s the process for making things happen. Why should we delete the word crazy-busy from our vocabulary – and much more!

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Why I Never Want to Retire

Boat on BeachI frequently blurt out that I never want to retire. Clients, friends, and family are appalled by the energy with which I say it.

I honestly can’t imagine anything more boring – or more likely to send me into immediate depression.

This quote brilliantly states why:


I, for one, cannot dream of retiring. Not now or ever. Retire? The word is alien and the idea inconceivable to me. I don’t believe in retirement for anyone in my type of work, not while the spirit remains. My work is my life. I cannot think of one without the other. To “retire” means to me to begin to die. The man who works and is never bored is never old. Work and interest in worthwhile things are the best remedy for age. Each day I am reborn. Each day I must begin again. ~ Pablo Casals, Legendary Cellist

Continue reading

Why You Should Say Yes to Adventure

Road TripOne year ago today, I crossed something off of my bucket list. I have always wanted to drive west across the country, and when a friend announced that he was moving to Sonoma County, I immediately offered to drive with him. Surprisingly, he immediately took me up on my offer.

Two fools on April Fools’ Day 2014 loaded my stuff into his green minivan and headed west. No GPS needed for this trip, although we had a road atlas. It’s one road out of Chicago all the way to California.

My friend was not in a mood to make the trip slowly. All his worldly possessions were in the van too – so we were going to do it in three days no matter what.

I was prepared for lovely scenery, but I was not prepared for the lasting effect that scenery had on me. Even though we were zooming down the highway at 65+ mph, my trusty BlackBerry enabled me to take some gorgeous photographs, especially as we were leaving Salt Lake City in the morning. Continue reading

Interviewed on School for Startups Radio

School for Startups RadioThis is the best interview I have done to date. Jim Beach, bestselling author and founder of School for Startups Radio, asked great questions. He is the first interviewer to ever walk me through my my signature system of how I work with clients, the PALMS™ Framework.

We talked about growing a small business, career transition, productivity, and lots of other things. Please note: he doesn’t prep guests so I had no idea what was coming.

There are great takeaways in this interview.  You can listen to it here March 31, 2015 – Transitioning w Catherine Morgan.

From – Guest Blogging: The Right Way to Pitch a Blog Editor

solo workingHaving been the editor of Carol Roth’s blog, Business Unplugged, for almost four years, it seemed like a good time to share the right way – and wrong way – to pitch a blog editor.

If you are thinking about using guest blogging as a promotion strategy for your business, you might want to take a look at Guest Blogging: The Right Way to Pitch a Blog Editor.