February 2018 Posts for Small Business

As you may know, I publish most of my content for small business on Business Unplugged | CarolRoth.com because I am the editor-in-chief of that blog, and Carol has a bigger platform in the #smallbiz space.

Here are my posts from February:

Paid Content Promotion: Specificity Is Everything.  – This post did really well. I was over the moon when Mari Smith, a leading Facebook expert, tweeted it out to her followers. Wow!

A Social Media Etiquette Refresher – Many of us are on social media a lot, but it seemed a good time to remind people about what you should – and should not – do on social media.

How to Have Profitable and Enjoyable Client Enrollment Calls – The apple fell and hit me on the head recently.  I am actually in the client enrollment business (or I won’t have a business).

Your Competition Isn’t Who or What You Think It Is – Note to self: your competition isn’t the other service provider, it’s the noise we’re all drowning in.

January 2018 Posts for Small Business

Here are some of my recent posts for my #smallbiz clients and colleagues that were published on Carol Roth.com | Business Unplugged.

Change One Word and Feel Better Immediately – This easy habit changed everything for me! Truly.

Communication Skills: Brutally Honest Is Just Brutal – As a coach, I need to tell people difficult things. Here’s how to do it without being brutal.

Being “The Wizard” May Be the Problem – Struggling in your business? Step away from the laptop!

Entrepreneur: Know Thyself – Ask yourself these questions and you’ll have a MUCH easier time growing your business.

Case Study: Speaking for Free Can Have a Big Payoff – The story about a recent speaking engagement, and what a great use of time it was.

My Secret Weapon Can Be Yours – We’re Growing!

I am so excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Matthew Fox to be able to serve our clients better and deeper.

Matthew and I had a blast giving my Acing the Interview workshop at the Career Resource Center in Lake Forest yesterday.

Matthew has a background in IT project management, digital marketing, and public speaking and presenting. In the past, I referred to him as my secret weapon. Now, it’s not a secret and you can read more about Matthew here.

December 2017 Posts for Small Business

Here are some of my recent posts for my #smallbiz clients and colleagues that were published on Carol Roth.com | Business Unplugged.

Your Website Isn’t For You – You’re website isn’t a place to stroke your own ego and blather about nothing. It needs to be written for your prospects!

Over 4,300 Views on LinkedIn – I analyze why a random post I wrote on LinkedIn went viral.


November 2017 Posts for Small Business

Here are some of my recent posts for my #smallbiz clients and colleagues that were published on Carol Roth.com | Business Unplugged.

You Hit the Wall in Your Business – Now What? – Should you look for a job or fix your business? Some questions to ask yourself.

Busyness Is Not the Right Metric – If one more person tells me they’re “crazy busy” I am going to lose it. Busyness is the wrong thing to be measuring.

October 2017 Posts for Small Business

Here are some recent posts for my #smallbiz clients and colleagues that were published on Carol Roth.com | Business Unplugged.

Five Mid-Day Mojo Boosters – Need an energy boost? Here are some easy and fun ways to feel better immediately!

Living My Values Halved My Fee – An unusual situation where I gave my client my best advice even though it cost me some $

What LinkedIn Recommendations Do and Don’t Do for Your Business – LinkedIn recommendations are great because they are easily verifiable, but if you do deeply personal work (like I do), people may not want to include the most valuable benefits…

All Trick and No Treat: Beware These Ghoulish Clients – If these clients come knocking, don’t answer the door!

Embrace Possibility: Midlife Career “Rules” Are Wrong and Don’t Apply

Few would argue that the way we work and the way we look for work has changed substantially over the past few years.

Professionals are more frequently alternating between being a corporate employee, freelancing, consulting, starting a business, or building a job portfolio.

One of the things that makes my services a little different is that I can help professionals in any of these transitions. I also can help clients think through their options, create clarity and confidence, find focus, and move forward.

(Or they can do some of this themselves by working through the exercises in my eBook.)

I‘m strapping on my armor and getting ready to tilt windmills – and any other obstacles you think are in your way.

Over the next few months, I will be publishing many articles, poking sacred cows, and showing that you have possibilities in midlife or any point in your life – even after catastrophic life events.

Yes, it’s likely to upset people.

Yes, it’s likely to unearth angry internet trolls.

And yes, I have to do it anyway.

Here is what I have seen personally with my clients and with myself:

  • You’re not too old; it’s not too late
  • You can start a business at any age, if you want to
  • You can leave your business and go back to corporate (entrepreneur to employee is a specialty of mine)
  • Your internal game may be the real problem, not your gray hair
  • Your mind’s stories may be factually correct but completely unhelpful
  • You may not need to stress about retiring by a certain age
  • You might not even WANT to retire (I did a TEDx talk about this)

And here’s a #truthbomb for you: Stressing about retiring is contributing to our mass anxiety and depression.

I have some good insights into why this is, how we can change the way we work and the world of work, and what YOU can do to embrace career possibility in your life.

See? This is going to be B I G.

Put on your seatbelts, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. But nothing great comes easily.

Catherine Morgan Joined the Teaching Faculty of Transformation TV

I am excited to share that I have joined the teaching faculty of Transformation TV, which is focused on becoming the Netflix for video content about transformation and change.

The next 4-6 weeks will be focused on creating my teaching segment that will air for three months on the platform.

While there are many competent professionals in the career transition space, I am a little different in that I look at the whole person, not just the professional.

Clients frequently say that our work created a complete shift in their professional and personal life – clarity, confidence, focus, etc. I’m looking forward to being able to reach a global audience through Transformation TV.