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LinkedIn is still trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. More than an online database of resumes, it seeks to be a source of information, news, and opinions.

To be honest, I should spend a lot more time on LinkedIn. That is the social media platform of choice for the majority of my clients.

In an effort to make myself do that, I petitioned to be one of the first to be allowed to publish original content there. I will be posting short, action-oriented posts, primarily geared toward job seekers and professionals in career transition.

Here is my first post: The power of investing in yourself.

From – Small Biz Reboot: Back to the Barre

Running your own business definitely has its own choreography. Often it feels like two steps forward and one step back. That would be a cha-cha sort of.

However, there will be times when you will come to a full stop and you will need to get back to the basics, to reestablish your foundation. I think of it as going back to the ballet barre.

You can read more about this here. 

Acing the Interview: Practicing Gets Results

Recently I have been giving my Acing the Interview talk around the Chicago area. There are few things more important in the job search process than practicing your interviewing skills. It really is true that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Competition is tough out there! There are lots of qualified candidates and you need to have your answers to the standard questions nailed down and in your back pocket.

While you can’t know all the questions you will be asked, you can prepare for the most common ones.  Continue reading

September Updates – Enjoying the Changes

Fall has been a flurry of activity and change here at Point A to Point B. September has, literally, flown by. As expected, things started to really pick up as everyone realized that summer was over and it was time to get back to work.

Moderating the “Marketing Magic” panel at the Chicago City Treasurer’s Small Business Entrepreneur Expo on October 4, 2013
My very popular friend Carol Roth was a little TOO popular and was accidentally booked to moderate two panels at the same time. She opted to keep the Shark Tank one, and I am stepping in to moderate Marketing Magic (1:45-2:30 PM). Being the editorial director for Carol’s award-winning blog, Business Unplugged, does have some privileges. This is an exciting, high-profile opportunity for me! Here is the expo link.

NEW – Interviews from the Other Side of the Desk
I will be posting another interview soon with my friend Sarah Thompson who will be explaining how she went through a recent hiring process – who made the cut and why, who she interviewed, etc. It will be an insider’s look at the hiring process.  Continue reading

August Updates – Getting Back to Work

Have you been enjoying your summer? I sure have! It’s all about live music, picnics, and hanging out by the lake for me. What do you love most about the summer?

That said, I also have been booking a lot of speaking gigs, producing different kinds of content, and starting some new projects. Fall is going to be a HUGE push so stay tuned. And please let me know what you are working on. I am happy to help if I can.

NEW – Interviews from the Other Side of the Desk
I know that when I was looking for a job I always wanted to know what was going on in the HR recruiter or hiring manager’s head. (And so do my clients.) Here is the first of a series of audio and video interviews I will be doing - Other Side of the Desk: Julye Berry. Julye has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of the human resources function and gives the inside scoop on what not to do, and what a successful candidate should do when interviewing for a position.  Continue reading

NEW: Interviews from the Other Side of the Desk

We are creating a new resource for job seekers and professionals in career transition. Interviews from the Other Side of the Desk will give you the inside scoop on what hiring managers and recruiters REALLY look for.

Even if you have “been there and done that,” these will serve as a great reminder of what you should and should not do. And that you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

This is the first of a series of audio and video interviews with HR professionals and hiring managers to help job search candidates understand how to Ace the InterviewContinue reading

Interviewed on The Shut Up Show with Berni Xiong and Phil Gerbyshak

This video interview was pure joy for me. It was a veritable love fest talking with my dear friend and client Phil Gerbyshak, and the fabulous Berni Xiong. Phil and Berni are two professionals I greatly admire.

The Shut Up Show is for entrepreneurs (or intrapreneurs) who are trying to do big things and need to get past fear and negative self talk. Basically, this show will help you to tell those unhelpful voices inside your head to (wait for it) shut up!

Nobody likes to admit the stupid things they have done in their business, but it’s my – and their – hope that we can all learn and grow from other people’s mistakes.

So I hope you will check out Catherine Morgan Helps Us Get from Point A to Point B – Episode 20. The show notes Berni put together are hilarious! And the video interview was a blast.  

July Updates – Re-Launch You

This week I have two speaking engagements! I love talking to groups more than anything. Both groups booked me for what has become my signature talk: Re-Launch You: Liftoff After Layoff. I re-frame career transition as a time of opportunity, and a time for reassessment.

I talk about the mindset needed for a successful transition. After I speak, participants always come over to thank me for covering the emotional aspects of career transition and job search, which are critical but often neglected.

In addition, I am reworking the focus of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. going forward. I will continue to work with a select group of clients one on one, but more time will be spent speaking and selling educational products. Details to follow..stay tuned.

Prize inside! Special offer on my most popular service

Accountability for both job seekers and entrepreneurs is my most popular service by far. Through my client and good friend, Phil Gerbyshak, you can save $200 for the first month of Secret Sauce Sessions. (Clients rave about this service.) Check out my post Accountability: Why We All Need to Have It.

On the radio
Chamber Chatter with Donna Saul on WCHE 1520 AM (Philadelphia area)
Thriving After Layoff (30-minute interview)

The Noon Show with Carol Roth on WGN AM 720 (Chicago)
To-Do: Be Productive (double segment interview with listener call-in)

New on the TDS corporate blog

I think the concept of Work-Life Balance sets us up for failure and I propose a different paradigm in Work-Life Balance is a scam. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. We had a great conversation on my personal Facebook page.

I also shared some speaking best practices in Business presentations: 7 pro tips for success.

New on | Business Unplugged

My role with Business Unplugged has changed slightly. I am now the editorial director (instead of the community manager). We are always looking for a few good bloggers. If you write content for the small business or solo business space and would like to write a guest post for Carol’s blog, reply and let me know. I’ll be happy to send you the blog guidelines.

Getting around – upcoming speaking gigs

Jewish Executive Networking Group
Re-Launch You: Liftoff After Layoff (1-hour talk)
Glencoe, IL

Career Renewal Group – Holy Cross Church
Re-Launch You: Liftoff After Layoff (1-hour talk)
Deerfield, IL <~ Yes, Sunday. Not a typo!

Career Resource Center
Re-Launch You: Liftoff After Layoff (1-hour talk)
Lake Forest, IL

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